Collaborative Construction and Communication in Minecraft

The goal of this project is to develop systems that can collaborate and communicate with each other to solve tasks in a 3D environment.

The particular task we consider is a two-player game in which one player (the Architect) is shown a 3D target structure constructed out of building blocks, and has to instruct the other player (the Builder) to construct the same structure. The Builder needs to be able to execute these instructions, and both players communicate via chat.

We have released the Minecraft Dialogue corpus, a corpus of human-human dialogues and game logs:

Minecraft Collaborative Building Task
We have also created models for the Architect and Builder roles.

Our work is intended as a stepping stone towards human-robot collaboration and communication, but for ease of implementation and experimentation, we use the popular Minecraft gaming platform.


For more details, visit the pages for our papers. *equal contribution


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